My new book is complete, and available!

You may have heard about the book I’ve been writing, “The Road Home,” a story about a boy and his father surviving an earthquake’s aftermath and trying to get back to their family.  It’s an exciting story, but it’s also full of cool non-fiction content, like some of the stuff you can see on this site.

The book is done!  It’s available for sale!  You can see it (and even buy it if you want) here:  Take a look – I think you’ll like it.

Here’s a picture of the cover:

Cover of my new book, "The Road Home"
Cover of my new book, “The Road Home”

More details are on the way soon.

While you can buy it at, in print or in Kindle format, you can also buy it at my eStore (link above).  Soon, I’ll post a special coupon code, so you can buy it in the eStore at a discount.  Yes, buy it from me and it’ll be cheaper than Amazon.  More details soon.






3 thoughts on “My new book is complete, and available!”

  1. Sweet cover. I enjoyed the story and can’t wait to read the final version! Way to go!

  2. Andrew – good job! AC7NP picked it up at SEAPAC, read it one day, passed to me. Great young adult book. I will definitely recommend reading it.

  3. Just finished the book. I doubt it will win any awards but it is a GREAT way to try to get people to be aware and prepared. Good job!

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